As classic as a "girl Meets boy" tale in the movies, Suzanne Veronica and

​Michael Passaro literally bumped into each other on a street corner one

hot afternoon in South Philadelphia. After discussing music, exchanging

cards and a few phone calls later, the start of something amazing was

happening - the birth of the Suzanne Veronica & Michael Passaro .


That was in 1997. Now, over 20 years later, the twosome has released

seven albums independently, performed at some of the most acclaimed

venues in and around Philadelphia and even had A-list artists perform on their latest album 7 Tales of Wonder, including Fran Smith, Jr. and

David Uosikkinen from the Hooters. 

"Suzanne and I really took a different direction with our last album",

said Passaro. "With Steve Butler helping to produce it and Fran and Dave performing with us, it just has this raw energy that exudes from each of the artists".

Veronica believes strongly in emitting energy from her music and hopes

That our fans feel the emotion that they put into every song they record.

​"The songs aren’t written based on mood, I guess", Veronica explains. "I

don't set out to write a sad song or a more upbeat song. I just write what I hear melodically which also always tells me what it wants to say,  and thanks to Mike's musical input, it always translates into

​exactly that moment in completion ".

While the duo has been hard at work releasing albums over the years...


their stage show is where they really shine. Describing their sound as

"eclectic with a rock and pop style", Veronica admits that they both influence the music greatly.

"Mike was more into the harder rock influence but our common passion

molded into a collaboration that was a creation entirely original",

said,” Suzanne .

A chance meeting that led to a lifetime of music, success and, most

Importantly, friendship for over 20 years? It almost seems impossible

in this industry. But as Bob Dylan once said all it takes is "A Simple 

Twist of Fate". 

#8 Self Titled CD "Suzanne Veronica" is currently being manufactured.