Lyrics By Suzanne veronica ©2019

Out Of My Head  

I see your face, most everyplace I go

On city streets, in subway heat, there you are 

No one else around, even the scent, of you, I know 

Nothing else behind, or up a head, there you go

Can't get you out of my head 

My only vice, visions of you entice, my soul

For you I don't exist, a stranger, faceless, all along

Dream come and go

Leaving me  alone

Where you are, is where I'll be

But you’ll just turn away from me



 It's a complicated world
With intoxicating traps
Are you pages up ahead
every thought you have

 It's a fast and anxious world
Are yeah harvesting the truth
Or reaping what you sow
A force to reckon with

 Slow down and breath the way
Slow down, your soul
Slow down and breath in, with me

 In this complicated world
wear an optimistic hat
When Many things go wrong
Do you push them all away

 Or take it, personally
And let it overwhelm yourself
If you do, forget to breath
You'll suffocate and melt

 Is There's a scheme in everything
A Traumatic plan to take us down
you know, we control, the path we choose
every thought, we have and think about, just breath


I Might Have known


 Never mind the plans we had
Never mind them all
Yeah dug deep into my heart
twisted it hard

 We'd talk, I recall
never disagreed
How someone could have your heart
Without a feeling

 I’ve might have known
I might have known we were done
I’ve might have known
I wasn't wrong

 I’ve might have known
I’ve might have known, we were through
I’ve might have known
it was true

 thought we had something rare
Maybe there were doubts
You Didn't feel the way I feel
So it all came out

 might have known, in my heart
Might have felt it to
But it's safer to ignore
Then tell my heart were through

 I’ve might have seen It in your eyes
But you'd never seen, a tear in mine
I’ve might have felt those vibes before
But you could never, feel me, long enough, to know, No


In My Blood


All inside

You know I feel yeah

You know I want yeah

You’re in my blood

All inside you know 

You have me

Never need question 

You are the one 

This time I know, what I've been searching for

I feel it deep down in my soul 

This time I know what I was born for

All through my veins and in my blood 

I want you all 

I bleed yeah

You’re all I breathe in

You’re in my blood 

You possess me

Do obsess me

I am addicted

I am to us

This time I know, what life is all about 

It took my whole life to get here 

And now I'll live the rest of my life out

Only with you, eternally 

My Last Day


Every thought had, it’s time and place

laying empty in, a cold dark space

on a tight rope, and beyond

two decisions hold on or drown

I’m gonna to live, like every days, my last day now

I’m gonna to get, what I should get, cause I know how

Forget yesterday, theirs just today, and it’s overdue

Yeah I’m gonna live, like every day’s my last day to

I won’t question, myself no more

No need to get back, that time I lost

On a mission, to seize life’s craves

Through with wishing, and day dreams

Seek, trust, fight, with insight to live

Reap your time, it’s all in side, within 



Another reason for me now

Once you said, it all work out

Just another play on words, is all I feel

You would say the timing’s off

more like timeout, that's for sure

You've been leading me on, all along

But I won't, let it get to me

I won't, let you, spoon feed

I won't, let you treat my heart unfair

Never mind, what the truth could be

There's been, too much adversity 

I'm through, waiting for that time to come

 and I'm through, giving you myself at all

I'm not being cross with you

It was a cross, I carried through 

from my heart out to a place, far away

Though inside I'm feeling still

But I got back, all my will

Moving on, will be the right thing, I should do

Leave me so, my life with you 

Out with my face in the rain 

Cleanse my soul, start anew 

Time with myself with no pain

I won't let it get to me 

I won't let you mess with me

I won't be a fool you just lead on

Never mind, what the truth could be

There's been, too much adversity 

I'm through, giving you, myself at all

Tall River


Tall River drift my way

Tall River what's next today

Regrets won’t change my life

Challenges, I kind of like

I swore to do my best

this everlasting quest

Can’t turn away from here

Taking the bad an good

Ripples cause waves at times

Though always calm down to

What matters will always be

Life's seeds will grow

Faster than rivers pass

Leaving behind, love

Tall River, I'll always climb

Whichever ladder I find

Changes will come my way

Promising fear won't be

A temporary thing

is all this life does bring